The Gist See it…if you want a kid-friendly visually fresh film that reaches for anime-esque emotional impact Skip it…if you cannot handle a meandering fantasy with hit or miss acting The Sandwich More enjoyable…than Black Panther Less enjoyable…than The Greatest Showman A much safer film that is less interesting due to how much it sticks to its genre Takes fewer risks, but is executed quite flawlessly…and I like musicals The Thoughts I have never read A Wrinkle in Time and was quite excited to see what…Continue Reading “A Wrinkle in Time”

The Gist See it…if you like creepy visuals and ambitious sci-fi ideas Skip it…if you need a compelling story to engage with a film The Sandwich More enjoyable…than Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets Less enjoyable…than Arrival A much wilder tale that winds up feeling unremarkable Has a similar feel but backs everything up with a story that aligns with the world The Thoughts I went into my viewing of Annihilation not sure what to expect. I had seen and enjoyed Alex Garland’s last film Ex Machina…Continue Reading “Annihilation”

The Gist See it…if you are a fan of the bear or have young kids Skip it…if family movies aren’t your thing The Sandwich More enjoyable…than Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle Less enjoyable…than The Greatest Showman Has the wilder jokes but the weaker story My love of musical movies is strong, even one as simplistic as this The Thoughts I don’t know who Paddington is or where he comes from. I did see the first film in this budding franchise (soon to enter its own…Continue Reading “Paddington 2”

These are the movies I have reviewed this 2018 so far (constantly updated as new reviews come out), arranged from my most to least favorite. So the most interesting emotional movies will usually wind up at the top, and the most generic uninspiring at the bottom. Annihilation Paddington 2 A Wrinkle in Time