Jonathan Blow tweeted about this and it has really got my mind spinning. He was saying what if we applied the¬†Wittgenstein idea to a different conception, the conception that the past is fixed. What would it look like if it wasn’t fixed? Too mind-bending not to share here!

ūü•ď¬†My two favorite breakfasts Grape Nuts (Allow grape nuts to soften in almond milk for ~10 minutes, eat with a banana) Bagel Sandwich (Toast plain bagel, add a crispy egg fried over hard, bacon, and a slice of american¬†cheese) It’s past 5 and I want to eat breakfast again!

For today’s (and my first) Micro Monday I would encourage you all to check out @macgenie, a community manager at who has totally helped me as I get used to the platform

Pretty new here. Anyone know if there is a nice way to hide replies from timeline view (maybe this is because I am just using default web viewer)?

First post from WordPress didn’t show. Wondering if its because I didn’t have WordPress pinging micro, adding and trying again (and adding this parenthetical to see if cares about updates)

First post from my WordPress blog to If you are reading this, then I can say that integration is really quite simple